Infamous America | SALEM — Sources and Music


“A Storm of Witchcraft: The Salem Trails and the America Experience,” by Emerson W. Baker. Oxford Press, 2015.

“The Witches: Suspicion, Betrayal, and Hysteria in 1692 Salem,” by Stacy Schiff. Bay Back Books/LIttle, Brown and Company, 2015.

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“Salem Possessed: The Social Origins of Witchcraft,” By Paul Boyer and Steven Nissenbaum. Harvard University Press, 1974.


All tracks courtesy of Pond 5

Tension Echoes” — Anthony Alleeson

Creepy Drone 02” — Erick McNerney

Dark Soundscape Drone” — Erick McNerney

Atonal Madness Drone” — Erick McNerney

Strange Dark Drone Ambience” — Erick McNerney

Spooky Drone” — Erick McNerney

Scary Ambiences Drones and Impacts” — Erick McNerney

Strange Dark Soundscape 005” — Erick McNerney

Strange Dark Soundscape 010” — Erick McNerney

Strange Dark Soundscape 011” — Erick McNerney

Ambient Strings 3” — Erick McNerney

Ambient Strings 6” — Erick McNerney

Intimate Cello 1” — Erick McNerney

Intimate Cello 2” — Erick McNerney

Slow Dark Chant Soundscape” — Erick McNerney

Low Intriguing Synth Drone” — Erick McNerney

Dark Low Cinematics 2” — Erick McNerney

Creepy Cinematic Music Box” — Erick McNerney

Dark Menacing Drone” — Erick McNerney

Deep Regret (Version 2 with strings)” — Erick McNerney

Strange Dark Background Ambience Version 2” — Erick McNerney

Chris Wimmer